Essential oil blends with aphrodisiacs in them. If you want to feel sexy, strong and desirable, try out "Abundance" and "Harmony" essential oil blends. If you want to feel soft feminine and loving, try "Awaken love" and "Female spirit".

Awaken love

Relaxing and love-boosting essential oil blend with magnolia, gardenia and sweet almond oil, will reduce anxiety and stress, open the heart to love. Aroma similar to floral & vanilla. 

Boost love

Female spirit

A blend of essential oils to awaken a woman's spirit, sexuality, confidence with damask rose, verbena, neroli, gardenia, grapefruit and sweet almond base oil. This blend supports emotional stability, helping to address anxiety and depression. It is good to use in meditation and prayer to help provide strength and balance to your body. Aroma - floral notes (rose, geranium). 

Awaken my female spirit


Essential oil blend with patchouli essential oil and mango extract with sweet almond base oil. It will help to feel harmony, to feel at peace. A fragrance that will make you grounded, focus on yourself and your feelings. Aroma - earthy, woody, sweet, and musky.

I want to feel sexy


A blend of essential oils for prosperity and abundance, promoting peace with orange, frankincense, patchouli, ginger, black spruce, clove bud and cinnamon with sweet almond base oil. Blend strengthens resistance to stress, builds confidence in one's abilities, calms the mind, creates inner peace, grounds, raises vibrations, also works as an aphrodisiac, makes you achieve your goals, relieves physical fatigue. Aroma - warm, spicy, woody aroma brings forth memories of warmth, coziness, and deliciously spiced food.

I want to feel abundant, and confident

Essential oils and their blends are perfect for the surge of romantic feelings, because the aroma goes directly from the nose to the brain, causing a chemical reaction in it, creating an effect on mood and emotions. Smell affects the limbic system, which is responsible for the regulation of adrenaline release, emotions, behavior, motivation and long-term memory. In the past, goddesses applied a different essential oil to each part of their body to surprise their man with different perfume notes while receiving kisses - interesting, isn't it? Today, we use synthetic perfumes that suppress our natural scent, which is highly coveted by the opposite sex, whereas essential oils increase our desire for each other, and one of the most valuable properties of these oils is that they work even after the scent wears off.