Essential oils from Adorarte: the power of plants for your well-being

Essential oils are a natural solution for improving physical, emotional and mental well-being. Adorarte's goal is to help people through aromatherapy, which is a holistic medical method. This would not be possible without one important ingredient - quality essential oil, where every drop contains the power of plants. Take a look at our offer and use aromatherapy to your advantage!

Challenges or how essential oils can help

Essential oils have been used for centuries and are still relevant today. From reducing stress and anxiety to increasing immunity and energy, properly selected and used essential oils have proven their effectiveness.

  • Essential oils are used for the prevention and relief of symptoms of various diseases:

    • headaches and migraines
    • stress and anxiety
    • sleep disorders and insomnia
    • colds and breathing problems
    • tight muscles and joint pain
    • skin and hair imperfections
    • digestive system problems
  • It should also be mentioned that essential oils can improve your everyday life:

    • brain function and concentration
    • energy levels and general well-being
    • self-esteem, aura, creativity
    • the cleanliness of the house and air, the aroma and mood of the room
  • Procedures and rituals where essential oils are used are no less relevant:

    • aromatherapy, meditation,
    • coaching sessions, retreats
      stretching and breathing exercises, yoga
    • massages, SPA, sauna, baths and water rituals
    • beauty treatments,
    • manufacturing of cosmetic products
    • room cleaning, disinfection, laundry

These are just a few ways to use essential oils. The range of the Adorarte online store is supplemented with products that are intended for various occasions in life. Both pure essential oils of one plant and ready-made mixtures and sets are available, so that you can choose the most suitable for your health and emotional state.

Enjoy the smell of aromatic aroma oils

It's easy to get confused in the fascinating world of scents that essential oils provide. There are so many plants! From the soothing aroma of lavender to the invigorating eucalyptus and citrus fruits..

Aromatic aroma oils can be used in a diffuser or a special aroma lamp. Perfume molecules will fill your home, office or any other room with an aroma that fulfills its functions - soothes, cheers up, cleans, warms, etc.

Diluted essential oils can also be used on the skin as a natural alternative to perfumes and colognes. Adorarte mixtures are based on almond oil, so they are suitable for applying directly to the skin. The essential oil will work best in the pulse areas:

on the temples;
behind the ears;
on the feet.

It is worth taking the time to study the properties of plants, because each aroma has its own purpose - one can be calming, another - invigorating. If you need professional help, Samantha also offers master classes, where you can find out about the state of your needs through aroma diagnosis, and you will also be able to smell more than 50 essential oils on the spot.

Natural Essential Oils: Are They the Best?

Differentiating natural essential oils from synthetic ones can be difficult, but there are some indicators that can help determine their authenticity:

  • Certification and labeling:

    organic essential oils are certified and the package must be labeled "100% pure", "natural", "bio", or "organic".

  • Place of origin and manufacturer:

    check if the essential oil comes from an organic farm and in which country it was extracted. Well-known and reliable manufacturers provide tested and high-quality oils.

  • Consistency and smell:

    natural essential oils contain only pure extracts from plants, flowers, leaves. The oil is almost transparent, clear, without added dyes. Their smell is natural, intense, not artificial with the aroma of plastic.

  • Price:

    generally, natural essential oils are more expensive than synthetic alternatives because they require a longer extraction and production process.

  • Information provided and reviews:

    Before making a purchase, it is worth researching the reputation of the seller by reading customer reviews about the quality of the products. A conscientious seller informs the customer from the outset about where and how their essential oils are sourced and produced.

We know where to buy essential oils that have proven their quality, naturalness and authenticity because we research each producer's farm. The products are thoroughly tested before being sold, so that Adorarte customers receive the best essential oils available.
Adorarte essential oils and blends consist of the highest quality raw materials sourced from regions such as France, Australia, England and Germany. Each product provides an effective effect without the use of strong chemical and synthetic substances.
With AB Ecocert, JAS, Ecocert Greenlife and Ecocert Cosmos certificates, you can be sure of the purity and quality of our products, so you will definitely not have to look for where to buy natural essential oils, because they are available here even in the Adorarte online store.

Why choose Adorarte essential oils?

Adorarte essential oils resonate with those who embrace change and prioritize their well-being, growth, harmony and well-being.

What makes Adorarte different from other sellers of essential oils?

Each blend is handmade, made right here in Latvia. They are carefully crafted by Samantha, the founder of Adorarte, so every bottle comes with a positive energy, as this process is Samantha's heart's work. Each collection is created from different compositions to create a special scent and therapeutic benefits.

And the design! Each bottle is unique thanks to added dried flowers and herbs. We recommend looking at the pictures, but the real beauty will be visible only in real life.

We offer both pure essential oils, as well as roll-on and pipette blends, providing a great customer experience based on needs and daily habits.

No less important point is the packaging of the product, which is a ready-to-gift package or cloth bag with dried herbs and attached descriptions and instructions for using the product. Treat yourself or a loved one with this order that looks like a gift!

Meet Samantha - aromatherapist and founder of Adorarte

Since its launch in 2020, Samantha's mission has been to promote growth and harmony through the science of aromatherapy. By founding the company and opening an online store in 2022, Adorarte's vision is to become a recognizable and reliable brand in the aromatherapy and essential oil industry. Growth, harmony and empowerment - these are our values, which we also wish for our customers.

Get to know Samantha better by watching the video from Instagram live: (Coming soon)

More than 150 orders have been placed in the Adorarte online store. Take a look at our customers' experiences by viewing dozens of positive reviews when purchasing Adorarte essential oils, blends and master classes. Will you be the next one to be happy with your order?

Essential oils online store - convenient and fast shopping

If you are looking for a place to buy essential oils with guaranteed quality and a visually attractive bottle, then Adorarte is the right online store. We are on our way to having a wide range available, as well as making the essential oil price friendly. With small steps, the company is moving towards this goal, so new products, diverse master classes and team expansion will be available very soon.

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Tips for using essential oils are for informational purposes only, with reference to aromatherapy literature and scientific articles. Essential oils are not a substitute for medication. In case of health problems, consult a doctor. Before using the products, you should familiarize yourself with their use and safety instructions, which you can view here.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on everyone's taste and needs, but the most popular essential oils are lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, grapefruit, peppermint and others.

Yes, Adorarte uses only natural essential oils in their products, which are 100% authentic.

Ideally, it should say that the essential oil is GC MS tested. The country of origin of the oil must be written and there must be an indication that this oil can be used in aromatherapy.

Adorarte essential oils are available in Riga, in the MūsMāja Tērbata store. We send orders throughout Latvia using DPD parcels. The shipping price is 2.19 eur. We also provide free pickup in Agenskalns, Riga or free delivery for orders over 50 EUR.

Take a look at the DISCOUNTS section, where we offer specially created mixtures, sets or other special offers at favorable prices for various current events.