About Adorarte

Adorarte is a new Latvian company that produces essential oil blends with the intention of activating people's self-healing processes using the power of plants.

Focusing on self-growth, which included not only education and business, but also the spiritual side, I (Samantha - the creator of Adorarte) developed an interest in essential oils. Quite by chance, I noticed an essential oil master class on Facebook, which I immediately signed up for. That day, I was so taken by the energy of the essential oils that everything I needed to start creating the essential oil blends was found that very day.

From that day on, it became clear that I needed to create a product that would lift both our spirit and improve our physical well-being, because at that time I had quite a lot of exacerbations of atopic dermatitis, and the products you can buy at the pharmacy were and are only a band-aid for something that has not developed and the body is signaling to us - we must get rid of it.

Essential oils were one of the helpers to feel what to get rid of in order to feel better. Since the rash on the skin had a big impact on my self-confidence, the topic of self-love and acceptance was also relevant at the time, and this was another reason to create a product that makes you focus on yourself, know yourself and your emotions, understand your actions and accept them, also change what is no longer in alignment. And in this matter, something very close can  help, and that is nature. Essential oils are obtained from plants that bring us closer to nature, seduces from the enchanting smell, and also their choice tells a lot about our emotional state.

To spread the value of essential oils, I also create master classes where you can get to know yourself through smell, because our brain contains a memory bank of smells, which is formed from the moment of birth and remains for the rest of our lives. By smell, you can determine what physically or emotionally prevents a person from moving forward in life. I learned aromatherapy at the Latvian Aromatherapy and Consultation Center Larēna, however, most of my knowledge was self-taught.

In order to help people overcome their ignorance about their feelings and events in life, which can cause them to get stuck, I have also learned aroma diagnostics, which is an individual approach for everyone.

Essential oils are my helper on a daily basis, so that I can return to my inner self and not get lost in this fast, eventful world. How about you?