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All 6 mini versions

All 6 mini versions

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Don't know which blend to choose for yourself or to gift to a good friend?

There is a solution! All six essential oil blends have been specially prepared in mini versions, so you can use them and understand what you like best! Buying them all at once is more interesting because you can change something every day.

What will you get?
GOODNIGHT: A blend of essential oils for better sleep, peace, well-being with lavender, cedarwood, verain and sweet almond base oil.
  • Lavender: Calming and relaxing effect;
  • Cedar: Calms the nerves, stimulates strength and courage;
  • Vervain: Helps with insomnia, creates confidence, regulates the menstrual cycle.
AWAKEN LOVE: Relaxing and love-enhancing essential oil blend with magnolia, gardenia and sweet almond oil, will reduce anxiety and stress, open the heart to love.
  • Magnolia: Creates love for yourself and your body, aphrodisiac, creates a sensual mood, promotes imagination and stimulates creativity;
  • Gardenia: Improves sensuality, increases the energy of joy.
BALANCE: Essential oil blend for mood balance with grapefruit, lime, lemon, green mandarin and sweet almond base oils.
  • Grapefruit: Refreshing aroma, balances the mood, positively affects it;
  • Lime: Reduces anxiety and fear;
  • Lemon: Promotes concentration, improves memory;
  • Green Tangerine: Eases the mind and improves sleep.
ABUNDANCE: A blend of essential oils to promote prosperity and abundance, peace with orange, frankincense, patchouli, ginger, black spruce, clove and cinnamon with sweet almond base oil.
  • The blend strengthens resistance to stress, builds confidence in one's abilities, calms the mind, creates inner peace, grounds, raises vibrations, also acts as an aphrodisiac, makes you achieve your goals, relieves physical fatigue.
HARMONY: Essential oil blend with patchouli essential oil and mango extract with sweet almond base oil.
  • Patchouli: Promotes sexuality - indeed, this is an oil for expressing sexual energy, helps against fear and depression, creates a desire to exceed internal and external boundaries, try something new;
  • Mango extract: Creates an exotic mood for the aroma, cheers up the mood.
FEMALE SPIRIT: A blend of essential oils to awaken the female spirit, sexuality, confidence with damask rose, verbena, neroli, gardenia, grapefruit and sweet almond base oil.
  • The blend works perfectly as an aphrodisiac, improves sexuality and the reproductive system. Increases libido, helps against depression, improves sleep, Strengthens awareness that I am the creator of my beautiful world.
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